Parks and Playgrounds

The Parish Council maintains four recreation areas which all contain play equipment for children. These are located in Blythewood (off Langdale Drive), Cheapside (off Hilltop Close), South Ascot (opposite Victoria Road) and Sunninghill (Victory Field on the London Road).

We have upgraded these recreation areas in recent years and have recently installed fitness equipment for adults in Victory Field, ‘play builder’ structures for 8 to 12 year olds in Blythewood, Cheapside and South Ascot and toddler equipment in Blythewood and Cheapside. We have also installed a skate area at Victory Field:

Litter is a constant problem in our parks and we would urge all who use them to throw their rubbish away in the bins provided.

Victory Field also has tennis courts, a multi-court for ball games and a football pitch. Tom Green’s Field which lies behind the tennis courts is an attractive area for dog walkers. Please note that there is an entrance gate to Victory Field which is locked at dusk and that a key is needed to access the tennis courts. The keys cost £25 and can be obtained from the Parish Office, or from Chapman’s the Ironmongers on Sunninghill High Street, during usual opening hours.