Leisure Minutes – Tuesday 12th June 2012

Minutes of a meeting of the Leisure & Cultural Committee held at the Chandler Day Centre, Bagshot Road, Sunninghill on Tuesday 12 June 2012, commencing at 6.30pm. 

Members Present: Councillors R Ellison (Chairman), P Deason, B Hilton, S Humphrey, S Jones, L Roberts, J Yong. 

In attendance:Elizabeth Yates, Clerk to the Council 

Councillors Christine Lester, Ajay Nehra,Luke Roberts, Allison Sharpe and Michelle Turton.

The Chairman asked to receive any Declarations of Interest in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct. None were given.

 4990  MINUTES
The Minutes of the previous meeting, held on 24 April, were approved as a correct record and signed as such.

Richard Lloyd, from Bracknell Rovers, gave a presentation regarding the use of Victory Field for football coaching and training.  He informed the committee that he was developing a series of football coaching sessions for children at Victory Field.  These were beginning with free coaching sessions on Saturday mornings for eight weeks, aimed at 5 – 12 year olds.  Starting in June, 40 children had signed up for these sessions.  Dependant on their success, Mr. Lloyd was planning to run a summer holiday course, with an associated charge.  It was agreed that the Parish Clerk would contact Mr. Lloyd regarding this so as to arrange a hire basis for the use of Victory Field.  The coaching was to take place adjacent to the football pitch.  Furthermore, Mr. Lloyd informed the committee that Bracknell Rovers had entered into an arrangement with the Parish Council for the use of this area for training for the Senior Team during the 2012/13 season.  The Chairman thanked Mr.  Lloyd for attending and welcomed the initiative as a means of increasing the use of Victory Field and providing additional opportunities for children within the Parish.  The Clerk went on to add that this initiative complemented the provision of tennis coaching at Victory Field.

The report was discussed.  The Clerk was asked to chase up the outstanding RoSPA report.  The impact of the weather on the grass cutting schedule was noted as were difficulties with the planting scheme atSouth Ascotand drainage problems at Victory Field. 

The Diamond Jubilee Beacon Event was reviewed and considered to be a great success.  Many parishioners attended, the press coverage was positive and some of the set up costs had been recuperated through the sale of beer, ice cream and the raffle.  The logistics were successful and the Chairman thanked all those who had helped.

 The committee considered the possibility of holding an annual summer event at Victory Field, following the success of the Beacon Event and in response to resident’s requests.  It was agreed that such an event would be recommended to full Council, based upon the concept of a Mid-Summer’s Party.  Starting in the afternoon and going on until dusk, this Party could involve music, a BBQ, food, beer tent, ice cream van and aBouncyCastle.  Community groups and local traders would be involved.  Councillor Barbara Hilton suggested that next year’s event could co-inside with the Queen’s Coronation on 2 June 2013.  Councillor Jeffrey Yong reminded the committee that such an event would need the agreement of the Trustees of Victory Field.

The first phase of tree works involving dead, dying or dangerous trees and branches was approved, following an external inspection by a tree surgeon, necessitated by winter storm damage.

Suggestions for a Section 106 application for playground and landscaping improvements were discussed.  It was agreed that the application for improvements to play equipment for young children, including two springers, two wooden animal sculptures and ‘mushroom’ seating; as well as the extension of the wood chip path and related landscaping works, be submitted to the Borough for their consideration.

Following the Council meeting held on 15 May (minute 4975), the maintenance of the Parish council’s cemetery was considered and it was agreed that no contract would be entered into with the existing grave diggers until one of the Parish Council’s existing landscaping contractors submitted a tender, which was due within twelve weeks.

The Chairman handed out the plans that had been drafted for a replacement Pavilion in 2003.  These were discussed in detail and it was agreed that the Clerk would distribute the Plans to all the Parish Councillors for further consideration at the next Council meeting, to be held on 26 June.  Once the draft plans, site use and layout had been agreed, the Parish Council would then be in a position to take forward the necessary fund-raising for the project and the related financial and operational processes involved.

The Clerk reminded the committee that the Parish Council Allotment Shield was due to be awarded.  She was asked to arrange this with Michael Hunter (the former Parish Council Chairman, in whose service the Shield had been named) and the Fuel Allotment Trust for late July/ early August. 

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at  8.15pm.


Councillor Robert Ellison, Chairman


Leisure Minutes – Tuesday 13th March 2012

The Courtyard (AscotRacecourse)

High Street
Berkshire, SL5 7JF

Tel: 01344 630141 Fax: 01344 630139 email: sunninghill.ascot.parish.council@rbwm.gov.uk

Minutes of a meeting of the Leisure & Cultural Committee held at the Chandler Day Centre,Bagshot Road, Sunninghill on Tuesday 13 March 2012, commencing at 7.00pm.

Members Present: Councillors R Ellison (Chairman), A Sharpe (Vice-Chairman), B Hilton, S Humphrey, C Lester, S Jones, J Yong.

In attendance:Elizabeth Yates, Clerk to the Council.

Councillor Peter Deason, Luke Roberts and Michelle Turton.

The Chairman asked to receive any Declarations of Interest in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct.  None were given.

 3532  MINUTES
The Minutes of the previous meeting, held on 31 January 2012, were considered a correct record and signed as such.

Craig Miller, the Borough’s Waste and Environmental Protection Manager, gave a presentation on the role and responsibilities of the Borough’s Dog Management Service. This service focused on the provision of one part time dog warden, the emptying of dog waste bins and the kennelling and re-housing of stray dogs.  Mr. Miller discussed the difficulties associated with dog fouling enforcement, the responsibilities of dog ownership and the use of dog control orders.  He informed the committee that the Parish Council was considered to be a ‘secondary authority’ in terms of dog fouling enforcement and that three ways of devolving powers of enforcement were available to the Parish Council, as part of the Borough’s menu of devolution. 

Councillor Spike Humphrey asked for further information on the frequency of dog warden visits within the Parish. The Chairman asked for more information regarding the third option available to the Parish Council, in terms of the range of hours that could be offered to the Parish for the dog warden’s service.  Mr. Miller confirmed that he would send the Clerk this information and an electronic copy of the presentation he gave, for distribution to the Parish Councillors.  The Chairman thanked Mr. Miller for attending the meeting and suggested that the devolution proposals be considered in more detail by the Parish Council.    

The Groundsman’s report was considered and the Clerk informed the committee that the re-surfacing of the playgrounds atSouth Ascotand Victory Field had gone well and that winter works had been completed.  Concern had been expressed by clients at the amount of top soil being left at the cemetery and the Clerk explained that this matter was being looked into.  She went on to inform the meeting that the Parish Truck had been ‘signed’ with the new Parish logo and that the approved benches and bollards were being installed on Thursday 15 March at Victory Field. The Clerk reported on two further incidents, the dismantling of the planters outside the public conveniences atAscot High Streetand a ‘break in’ at the Pavilion at Victory Field, both matters of which had been reported to the police.

The consultation with residents regarding the proposals for the enhancement of the Recreation Ground was discussed.

The concerns from residents about the proposed ‘teen scene shelter’ were conveyed to the meeting.  It was agreed that the Clerk arrange a meeting with representatives of the residents, the Police, Borough Community Wardens and the members of the Parish Council’s Finance and Personnel Committee, to consider these matters further before any works were started.

Further to the Council meeting held on 21 February, and having received further progress from the Charity Commission regarding the outstanding legalities, the committee considered the development of the site, particularly with regard to the need to replace the  Pavilion.  It was agreed that a ‘wish list’ for the Pavilion be drawn up at the next Leisure Committee meeting based upon previous plans for a new Pavilion atSouth Ascot.  The Parish Council’s Section 106 requests would need to be reviewed at the next Council meeting, in light of this.

Councillor Jeffrey Yong informed the committee about his meting with Mr. Mawby following the last Leisure Committee (minute 3494).  The principles contained within Mr. Mawby’s proposals were approved and it was agreed that a follow up meeting be held with him on site which would involve the Parish Groundsman.

It was agreed that the Parish Council would fund hanging baskets on lamp columns throughout the Parish and the baskets outside the shops within Sunninghill, as part of the Parish Council’s Diamond Jubilee initiatives, subject to budget availability and the continued support of the Ascot Racecourse Authority.

The Clerk provided an update on the Beacon Event, including the need to gain the involvement of the Borough’s Safety Advisory Committee.  She informed the meeting of developments since the last Diamond Jubilee Event sub-committee, including the obtaining of quotes for the static guard, the booking of marquees, the car parking, entertainment and refreshments.  It was agreed that a site visit would be arranged with the sub-committee members and community groups involved, to consider further the logistics of the event.

The Clerk informed the committee of an injury obtained by a child using the gate into the playground at Victory Field.  The Clerk had requested and arranged an external inspection of the gate which was deemed to be in correct working order.  The family had been informed of this.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.35pm.


Councillor Robert Ellison, Chairman