Community Litter Picking – Update
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Community Litter Picking – Update

We are pleased to announce that our volunteer litter picking group has now grown to 50 members. We have welcomed new members who will be out and about in Cheapside and North Ascot.

The extra people power means we are expanding our town tidy up and this week have taken on the hedgerow/ pavement littering along London road and Sunninghill road. We have all noticed the quantity of litter thrown from passing cars and there are many places where it’s simply not possible to pick it up as it is too dangerous.

The majority of our clean-up has been in the streets of Sunninghill and the parks and streets of South Ascot. One heroic volunteer cleared up a very littered section of the woods. A socially distanced pair took on the car park next to Station Hill where there was evidence of fly-tipping with tyres and household cleaning equipment found. The view before and after tells the story.

Our 3 Duke of Edinburgh volunteers have been busy on the footpaths near the rail line and around Charters school with multiple bags of both recycling and general litter.

Some rubbish finds: tyres, hub caps, work person lamp, several Ewbanks, a travel cot and a potty!

We are proud of what we have achieved so far and hope everyone is beginning to notice the change on their daily exercise around our Parish.

If you’d like to be involved in litter picking in our community, email the Clerk or search

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