Imperial College Deer Survey

Imperial College Deer Survey


My name is Varalika. I am third year Biologist at Imperial College London. Over this summer I have been participating in an undergraduate research programme, supervised by Dr. Andrew Knight ( and Dr. Ruth Kansky. My project aims to explore the interactions between individuals and deer in England. I am collecting information through a survey and responses from individuals like yourself would be incredibly valuable to my project.

The survey aims to capture the various attitudes and perceptions people have towards deer – whether you think they’re problematic, whether you’re interested in them, whether you’ve been in a deer-vehicle collision and so on. Would you be able to complete the survey please? It will take about 20 – 30 minutes. I know that this is not a short period of time and understand that you might be very busy. The results are going towards formulating an understanding of the factors that influence levels of human tolerance towards deer. This information can be used to advise deer management strategies.

The survey can be completed online through the following link:

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to complete the survey over the phone then please contact me at +44 07756732370. All the information provided in this survey will be kept strictly anonymous and confidential. Your information would undoubtedly provide a wealth of useful information.

I really appreciate your time and patience. Thank you for supporting my project! Please do not hesitate to contact me or my supervisor with any questions or comments.

Kind Regards,

Varalika Jain


Tel: 07756732370