Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council maintain 5 Recreation Areas incorporating 4 Children’s Play Areas

This area of the website is under construction – Please visit again for regular updates on all our facilities.

Children’s Play Areas at Victory Field, South Ascot and Blythewood will remain open during the Tier 2 restrictions.

Please observe the guidelines posted at each site for safe use of these facilities

We are very pleased to announce that following the repair works that have taken place this week, South Ascot Play Park will be open from Thurs 3 December.  It has been a very frustrating time for everyone and we thank you for your patience.

There is still a lot more work that we want to do on the park, so these are temporary repairs in order to make the park safe until we are in a position to move forward with new play equipment.

The parish council has historically leased the recreation ground at South Ascot from a third party; currently, no lease is in place and, while the parish council is working on agreeing a new lease, until that is in place it is not able to spend any substantial sums on the playpark.  When a new lease is in place we plan to renew the play area completely.