South Ascot Play Park Opening
Play Park Open Image

South Ascot Play Park Opening

We are very pleased to announce that following the repair works that have taken place this week, South Ascot Play Park will be open from tomorrow, Thurs 3 December.  It has been a very frustrating time for everyone and we thank you for your patience.

As a thank you to all the children who have waited so patiently, we have asked Professor Bubbledore to visit the park this weekend (Sat 5th & Sun 6th) to bring some magic and bubbles to the park.  He will be there between 10-11.30am and again at 2-3.30pm both days.  Do go along and say hello.

The delays were caused by the ongoing Covid-19 situation which meant that we were unable to source the specialist contractors and equipment necessary to carry out the essential repair works required.  These works have now been carried out and will be finished later on today. The majority of work has been done on the flooring, so please do not use the park today, as the floor needs this time to set properly before it is safe to walk on.

There is still a lot more work that we want to do on the park, so these are temporary repairs in order to make the park safe until we are in a position to move forward with new play equipment.