: 07543 658037: c/o The Parish Council, The Courtyard, High Street, Ascot, SL5 7JF: Ian.Steers@s-a-pc.com: This is my first year as a Councillor, and it is a privilege to be elected. I have a lot to learn. Living in Sunninghill and Ascot for over 30 years, my children went to Charters School, where my wife taught for many years. I worked in industry but spent most of my working life as a university lecturer in Management. As a Trade Union rep I campaigned for workers’ rights, successfully representing vulnerable people and, through a collective voice, challenged the misuse of power. Being retired I can afford the time and “head space” to work on behalf of all our parishioners in both promoting values such transparency & impartiality and also making sure the voices of our diverse communities are heard within the Parish Council.

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