Coombe Lane Woods

Coombe Lane Woods

The Parish Council is urging local residents who have historically used the land off Coombe Lane for walking and recreation, to contact us with evidence of use dating back at least 12 years.

We are very aware of how deeply concerned many local residents feel about the situation at Coombe Lane woods and we share these concerns.  We are using every available avenue open to us to lawfully object to various activities taking place, and will continue to do so.

The matter will be placed on the next Parish Council meeting agenda so that we can receive a report from RBWM, advising us on the next steps and options available.  In the meantime, we are assisting RBWM in collating data from local residents who can confirm that they have walked in the woodland for more than 12 years.

Please email with any evidence you may have, as this will enable us to prove that a Public Right of Way has existed through the land for several decades.