Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

A privacy notice is designed to inform data subjects (living individuals) what personal information is collected, for what purposes it is used, who it may be shared with, how long it is kept and how to obtain a copy. This notice explains in general what Sunninghill & Ascot Parish Council do with personal information. More detailed privacy notices are available from the Parish Clerk to explain more specifically how personal information is processed.

Who is Sunninghill & Ascot Parish Council?
The Parish Council is the first tier of Local Government for the Ascot and Cheapside and Sunninghill and South Ascot Wards.

The lawful basis for processing personal data:
The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) has been superseded by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The lawful basis for the Parish Council to process personal data under GDPR is as follows:

Article 6 (1)(e) – processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller.
Where the Parish Council relies on consent to legitimise processing of personal information, clear details of why will be provided. Consent can be withdrawn by a Data Subject at any time.

How personal information is obtained:
To enable the Parish Council to deliver the services it is responsible for information may be obtained from data subjects or provided by other services and partner agencies involved in delivering services.
What type of information is collected:
The Parish Council collects names, residential addresses, email addresses and other relevant personal details. Information is collected using paper-based forms or electronically, by telephone or during face-to-face contact.

How does the Parish Council use the information provided:
The Parish Council uses personal information to provide specific services to data subjects. The Parish Council only uses personal information for the purposes for which it has been obtained.

Who may the Parish Council share personal information with and why:
The Parish Council will not share personal information with any other parties, except where required to carry out its duties and functions or where required by law

Who has access to the personal information:
Personal information is accessible on a need-to-know basis. Parish Council staff may be granted access and are obliged to respect the confidentiality of personal information.

For how long is personal information retained:
Personal information is retained for as long as necessary to deliver the specific services. Some personal information is retained for specific lawful periods. Record retention periods are listed in the Parish Council’s Model Information Scheme.

How to request a copy of personal information:
People have a right to request and receive a copy of their personal information. To exercise this right please e-mail or write to:

The Clerk
Sunninghill & Ascot Parish Council
High Street
Berkshire SL5 7JF
Tel: 01344 623480

It is helpful for a description of the required personal information to be provided in the e-mail or letter including whether all the personal information held by the Parish Council is required or just that from a particular service.

How the Parish Council keeps personal information safe:
The Parish Council staff who have access to and are associated with the processing of personal information are obliged to respect the confidentiality of personal information. All access to personal information is controlled by secure computer logins and passwords.
Personal information will not be disclosed to government institutions and authorities except if required by law or other regulation.

How to complain about how the Parish Council processes personal information:
The Parish Council strives to meet the highest standards when collecting and using personal information. Complaints are taken very seriously and data subjects are encouraged to bring any issues to the Parish Council’s attention.

To do this either e-mail or write to:

Sunninghill & Ascot Parish Council
High Street
Berkshire SL5 7JF
Tel: 01344 623480

Additionally data subjects have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner, the regulatory authority. The contact details are:

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Telephone: 0303 123 1113