Church provides unique live stream venue for 17 year old DJs!

Church provides unique live stream venue for 17 year old DJs!

As a consequence of COVID 19 the events industry is in a dire situation, yet several students in their final year at the Global Academy* have taken the initiative and are staging a series of live stream events at a local church.

James Finch, Corben Smart, Luke Hatten and Will Blackburn have been kindly permitted to light the interior (including the resident bats) to a live mix of dance music, to be released on social media platforms.

James’ intentions before COVID 19 were to organise and DJ a series of music events for the local teenage community. These were to be held over the summer months introducing All Souls Church, South Ascot, to a new generation in a unique way. Like so much else, these had to be cancelled, but not to be deterred James approached the vicar, Rev. Stephen Johnson with this new concept.

Stephen has commented: “It’s a welcome opportunity to open the church for James’ generation, whilst adhering to social distancing requirements. We hope that by streaming from All Souls Church, James and his fellow students will provide enjoyment and inspiration to others for both recorded and live stream collaborations.”

The event “All Souls Club Mix” will be streamed from 8.00 pm on Saturday 24th October. Details and links can be found on

For further information please contact:

James Finch

Mobile: 07572 589760


(*Global Academy is a unique school in Hayes specialising in broadcast and digital media for year 10 to year 13 students)

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