Parks remaining open during lockdown

We are pleased to say that during the November lockdown the playparks in the parish will remain open, with the exception of South Ascot.

We very much regret that the park at South Ascot still remains closed and we do appreciate how frustrating this is for residents.  Unfortunately, over the early part of the year, the surface of the park deteriorated considerably and this, along with a faulty piece of play equipment, was identified as a safety hazard by the RoSPA inspector in the summer.  So far the quotes the council has obtained to carry out the necessary work to make the playpark safe have been cost prohibitive.

The parish council has historically leased the recreation ground at South Ascot from a third party; currently, no lease is in place and, while the parish council is working on agreeing a new lease, until that is in place it is not able to spend any substantial sums on the playpark.  When a new lease is in place we plan to renew the play area, but in the meantime, we are trying to find a cost effective solution to make the playpark safe so that we can re-open it.

We are grateful for residents’ understanding in this matter and ask that you please to bear with us for a little longer.