Community Litter Picking Weekly Update
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Community Litter Picking Weekly Update

In a week where litter pickers across the country made the national news for their efforts, our group was no exception. Braving the blustery weather we continued our Spring “deep clean” in South Ascot and Sunninghill. We have been poking our pickers into the woods over the course of the week and one volunteer took on the spray paint cans at the railway line near Englemere Pond.

We were pleased to note on our daily exercise that the racecourse heath was immaculate, our thanks to those involved in keeping it tidy. With the area looking much improved due to recent efforts, some of our volunteers will be turning their attention to North Ascot and Cheapside.

Notable finds amongst the usual on the go litter this week include

  • A hearing aid
  • A mobile phone with headphones (broken)
  • 2 terracotta pots: re-sealed and reused
  • A Christmas tree


Litter Litter Picking volunteer