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Cllr Charlotte Herring

Charlotte has lived in Sunninghill and Ascot for the past 17 years, and was elected to join the Parish Council in January 2017.

With a keen interest in preserving the character of our villages in the face of ever-increasing development, Charlotte has been a member of the council’s Planning Committee for 6 years. The Planning Committee review the area’s development applications and assist in making recommendations to the Borough. The team have a particular focus on limiting overdevelopment and preserving the Green Belt. They are also keen to ensure that any new builds fit in with the street scene and have sufficient parking.

Having had a successful career in publishing and communications, Charlotte now divides her time between freelance editing and managing rental properties in the area.

Address: 1 Queens Road, Sunninghill, Ascot SL5 9AF

Ward: Sunninghill & South Ascot Ward

Committees: Member of Planning Committee

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