Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race 2022

Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race – Temporary Road Closure

There is to be a temporary road closures in Sunninghill to facilitate the Wheelbarrow Race on Monday 2 May. Emergency services will be provided access at all times.  Full details below.


Date & times:         Between 11:45 hours and 13:30 hours on Monday 2nd May 2022


Location:                 B3020 Sunninghill Road between its junctions with Oriental Road & the B3020 High Street;

B3020 High Street for its entire length;

Truss Hill Road between its junctions with B3020 High Street & Upper Village Road;

Upper Village Road for its entire length;

School Road for its entire length;

Oriental Road between its junction with Sunninghill Road & Upper Village Road


Diversion:               For vehicles affected by this Order will be signed


Reasons:                  To facilitate Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race


Applicant:              Mr A. Hatch of Rotary Club of Ascot


Contact:                   01344 299803 or 07730 482472.